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1 We Shot the Albatross: Jeffrey Barbeau interviews Philip Hoare
2 Greg Leadbetter on the cancellation of the Autumn Study Weekend
3 Important! Coleridge Summer Conference 2020 cancelled
4 An imagined walk from Racedown to Crewkerne with Coleridge and the Wordsworths, by David Stevens
5 Daily online reading of 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'
6 Cancelled! Friends of Coleridge AGM, 28 March
7 Samuel Taylor Coleridge Family Tree
8 A new buyer for Alfoxden House
9 Rosemary Coleridge Middleton (1940–2020)
10 'The Byron Journal' - Essential reading for scholars and students studying the Romantic movement
11 Annual Wordsworth Lecture - Lucy Newlyn
12 The 2020 Coleridge Summer Conference in the Lake District
13 Through Coleridge's Eyes - Romanticism through words and music
14 Spreading the word about the Quantocks and the Coleridge Way
15 The Ancient Mariner - a powerful musical drama
16 Lawrence's auction with some Coleridge items
17 Through Mountains to the Sea: John Scanlon on a Romantic poets' quest along the Lake District A66
18 The Humphry Davy Notebooks Project has just launched
19 'Coleridge and the Natural World' - AN UNMISSABLE HALSWAY AUTUMN STUDY WEEKEND this September
20 New ‘Coleridge and Wordsworth in the Quantocks’ 12-page booklet, by Terence Sackett