New Tom Poole 12-page booklet

Tom Poole

I have written and designed a 12-page booklet on Tom Poole for Nether Stowey residents and visitors. I’ve tried to make the information easy to read and not too detailed.

It is a travesty that you can walk through Nether Stowey and not know that Poole ever existed. Yet if you ask Stowey-born residents to name the most important character in the history of the village, many will say Tom Poole, not Coleridge.

Poole was Coleridge’s most faithful and supportive friend. His legacy to the village of Nether Stowey is profound. His commitment to the poor, his energy and vision, the many monuments to his efforts, including the Women’s Friendly Society, the village school, the Savings Bank, and his work for Rickman on the Poor Laws, are testament to his achievements.

It will be available in A5 size in July as a FREE companion to my ‘A Walk round Nether Stowey in 1797 with Samuel Taylor Coleridge’ booklet.

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Terence Sackett, Friends of Coleridge

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